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what’s inside this book?

Atoms Under the Floorboards is about 300 pages long, has 60 black-and-white artworks to liven things up a bit, and there’s a short section of notes and further reading at the end to help you dig deeper into the bits that interest you. Its a book that will take your curiosity to an extreme level and bring you gushing down to the answer that would please your mind.



  • How many “pedalling” hamsters would you need to boil the water for a coffee?
  • How did a “worm” play a part in the history of radio?
  • Why can’t you cook your dinner with a cellphone?
  • Why can you see through windows but not through walls?
  • Why does your laptop get hot when its only moving part is the cooling fan?
  • What’s the connection between a wedding dress, a suspension bridge, and a bicycle?

There are 18 chapters—and here’s a taster of the kinds of things they cover:

  1. Firm foundations: Why don’t buildings fall down?
  2.  Why do skyscrapers deliberately wobble in the wind?
  3. Upstairs downstairs: Everything you ever wanted to know about energy, including: How many hamsters running on wheels would you need to launch a rocket or haul a train?
  4. Superheroics: You might not think you’re a superhero, but science can turn you into one! How do wheels really work… and why is Isaac Newton the best swimming teacher?
  5. The beauty of bikes: Why are cyclists like fish? Can shaving your legs really make you go faster?
  6. Car crazy: Why is your car like a chemistry lab on wheels? Why have electric cars still not caught on?
    Sticky stuff: How do glues really work? Why can you lift a person with one drop of superglue?
  7. The inside story: How do we know atoms exist if we can’t see them?
  8. Amazing glazing: What’s the science behind windows that clean themselves… and sunglasses that darken automatically outdoors?
  9. Saggy sofas, squeaky floors: Why do sofas sag and faces wrinkle? Why do floorboards squeak?
  10. Light delights: Why can’t we see light? Why do polished shoes shine like mirrors?
  11. Radio gaga: Who was the “worm” who helped to invent radio? How did the Victorians almost invent mobile phones?
  12. Living by numbers: How can you send a photo down a phone line? Is it better to buy MP3s or CDs?
  13. Blowing hot and cold: How can you heat your home with nothing more than a candle? How can you make instant ice cream?
  14. Food miles: Is it true that you could “go to work on an egg”? Could we ever make an energy pill that gives us all the daily nutrition we need?
  15. Stirring stuff: What links wind turbines, dusty bookshelves, dirty cars, and rubbery custard?
  16. Water, water: What makes a drain gurgle—and how does that help us understand how pens work?
  17. Stain games: How can science get your jeans clean? Why can you dry clothes outdoors even in winter?
  18. Dressing to impress: Why don’t sheep shiver in the cold? Why do jeans always wear out at the knees?

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