How long can a data remain safe in a storage device? Indefinitely?


How many times has it happened that the data we store in devices get corrupted with malware and thus we lose our valuable data. But there’s a new technology coming up. A technology where we’d be storing our data in DIAMOND. Unbelievable? May be. But according to researchers there’s a pretty good chance that if we store our data in materials that can sustain forever, example diamond, the stored data can last forever.

Diamond is a form of carbon and the very technology that causes it to sparkle enables it to do other fascinating stuff. Diamond originates from coal that has borne tremendous pressure over several decades. Under this immense pressure, the atoms in coal alter their arrangement to yield a denser and indefinitely harder substance – diamond. The previously dark and black coal now can split light into rainbow colors.



While coal is undergoing metamorphosis, sometimes, gaseous atoms get trapped within, replacing a carbon atom in the process. This give rise to certain molecular defects one of which is ‘nitrogen vacancy center’ or NV . A nitrogen vacancy arises when a nitrogen impurity is adjacent to a vacant lattice site. Extra electron from nearby impurities spill over into NV giving it a negative charge.

It is, this problem that a team of scientists headed by Dr. Meriles from the City University of New York decided to explore. What they found is rather interesting. Dr. Meriles and his team discovered that with the right tool they can control the charge of NV centers. While shining a green laser the NV could be made to trap an electron and by shining a red laser the center can be made into positive. This led to the idea that using the charged state of NV, it can be used to as a basis of coding digital information (in form of binary codes) in diamonds.



One can think of each NV center as a nanoscopic ‘bit’, explains Dr. Siddharth Dhomker, the lead researcher of the project. ” If the defect has an extra electron, the bit is one. And if it has none extra electron the bit is zero.”



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