To demonstrate the viability of what they proposed the scientists coded the the black and white pictures of two great scientists Albert Einstein and Erwin Schrodinger in a diamond through a laser coding technique. This information, they say, can last forever provided the diamond is kept in dark and not exposed to light. “Every time we shine a laser on the diamond, there’s a possibility that the NV either cpture or release an electron. This is the reason why the information gets degraded if read out multiple times.” Says Dr. Dhomker.



However, researchers have found a way to circumvent loss of information. Using low intensity red laser could led the information loss to negligible and even if the information gets degraded, it could be imprinted to the same diamond without any damage to the diamond crystal. While testing long term data storage in diamonds scientists could write, erase and rewrite new codes without any change to the diamond. Whats even more interesting is that the scientists could store multiple sequence of information in different parts of the same crystals without any cross talks or damage to the codes. Information can be stored in 3-dimensional as opposed to the current technology.

The quantum of the information that can be stored in restricted space is very large as compared to the amount of data that can be coded to a DVD drive. Each letter of bit of digital information is about 1000 times larger than a single code point in a diamond crystal. This creates a monumental difference in the compactness that can be achieved when coding data in a diamond. Of course the present day computing will have to make some significant changes and moulded to fit the new technology but it could catapult us into a vastly fascinating future.



And rest assured the information will last forever! IMAGINE A STORAGE DEVICE WORTH MILLIONS…

information source: Science Reporter March ’17


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