The truth about lies

What is a lie?

A lie is a piece of information or fact which is withheld from the receiver with or without the intention to harm them.

Though encountered as a part of psychological diagnosis, lying had not been studied in much depth until a few years ago. But now NeuroScientists want to map the regions in the brain that get activated when a person lies. They want to study how the brain centers respond under different condition of lying/ situation and that if there is any kind of changes in the neural networks in the brains. They have been under great favor of lie detection equipment. Lie detection experiments and studies find use in not only understanding the mind of the liar but also find an important place in the investigation of crimes under judicial system.



With the help of lie detectors scientists are able to map different regions of brain and study their behavior during the process of lying. An imaging method called as the fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging) is used to map the brain’s network in live action, as it processes memories, action, behaviors, emotions etc. fMRI is only a few decades old but has taken huge strides in the clinical studies of neuroscience. It is also opening windows in the field of security, judicial systems and many more.



Scientists have been trying hard to understand how the brain works when we lie. By analyzing the changes that take place in the brain when we deceive, scientists hope to not only learn about the process of lying but also how to detect it.

Role of brain centersĀ 

The limbic system of our brain is a group of complex networks of structures, comprising chiefly the hypothalamus, amygdala, hippocampus, just under the cerebrum. It is with the help of this limbic system we are able to experience emotions, senses, and regulate behavior and long term memory.


Scientits say, “in order to tell a lie, the brain had to first stop itself from telling the truth and then formulate the lie. As our brain works at phenomenal rate this gap can be clearly marked.

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