“What we see depends on what we look for.” – John Hubbok

As he quotes in the above line, I completely agree with him. No matter what you say or do, people presume what they’re comfortable with, and what consoles their comfort zone will be the basis of their conclusions. Wise are very little who actually trouble their own piece of brain and reach the actual reality based conclusions. It’s very appalling that irrespective of the reality, they still not listening to their instinct tend to listen to their greedy mind. Though each and every human has a different aphorism towards life they still inherit one thing in common and that’s their self-centered ideology and greed. We humans are so greedy that once we reach the destiny we seek, we still don’t stop and bother less about others. Some run behind success crushing those who are not even capable to strive for the best., and yet when they reach the perched position, they don’t pull back those whom they crushed and stepped on for success.



If I put it another way it would simply mean that they were borne by them for the success they sustain today. But NO! It won’t matter. No one’s gonna care. Not anyone unless it pleases their personal need and fulfills their gleamy greed. In general we’re all the same. We run, skip and sprint and in return we hurt people whom we ignore and who go unnoticed.

There are exceptions. People who actually are grateful for what they hold and they do look down and help the needy. But the majority are so self-centered and greedy and arrogant that its very annoying to live between them. But all words spoken, feelings expressed and thoughts shared are all futile. So its all the same at last. THERE’S NOTHING MUCH TO SHARE, ITS THE LEAST YOU’D CARE…

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