Well done Mumbai Traffic Police..

So here’s the thing that most people are talking about these days and and some are shitting about it and cursing it. But fortunately there are many who’ve praised this government act. The flooding of CC TV’s in India especially in Mumbai is quite known for a while now and which has also been a boon. Now what the traffic police and Mumbai police are doing is that they have placed cameras on every (majority) traffic signals and they keep a close eye on almost all possible vehicles and drivers.
But the reason some people are cursing it are because the Mumbai traffic police is keeping a record of people who jump signals and break traffic rules and sending e-challans to their registered address while buying the vehicles.. This is a great sign of progress.. Happy for the appreciable step taken.

Where people are thinking this is a good act I would say indeed a great one. With this closed circuit watch the records for theaft, accidents,Malpractices apart from signal jumps and other traffic rules violation would be maintained with the higher officials and nevertheless the act of bribery and escaping the malpractice would hopefully be less.. Thankyou for thinking in such a way… A salute to the one who taught it the right way.

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