What type of a lie it is?

YES! This may sound absurd. But lies can be classified in a few types.

Lies of commission: This involves fabrication of a fact and often contradictory information is given out. In other words, falsifying information with intent to make the listener do or not do something the liar intends. Such lies are told to divert the receiver from the truth of information by making them to believe that what is presented to them is the only truth. However all lies of commission are not intended under crimes or intend to cause harm. The harmless lies we tell children to instill a good thought or behavior are lies of commission. Advertising spins and propaganda are also lies of commission.




Lies of omission: When the original information is withheld or truth is hidden, lies of omission occur. Most often denial is resorted to. This allows the liar to escape broaching the truth, evade it and justify their actions. Giving false information in propaganda, a car salesman giving partly true detail omitting the glitches fall under this type of lie. It is found that passive aggressive people tend to resort to these types of lies as they have escape routes to avoid discussing the original truth.

source: science reporter.

The truth about lies

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