Why I love to stay up and work at night!

nightWhy is it that staying up late night is so consoling? Do you also love to stay up late night and admire the whole new world experiencing the serenity of being alone, no one there to disturb? Did you ever experience the pleasure to wander alone on the streets letting the cool consoling breeze to pass through your arms and ears, especially during winters?

Speaking frankly, staying up late night is one thing that I love the most. Sounds weird but I have reasons to add. One reason is may be because I’m insomniac!night, Being Insomniac is not something  to be proud of, but using the malady in its own useful and fortunate way is a boon. Staying awake at night is yes a bit stressful during sunlight and too manifested that one would obviously doze off here and there but if one sets time for periodical power naps it would be well compensated.







For me, at night unreasonably, my mind gets too active and alot more creative than usual. Any motivational or new creative idea which strikes me probably evokes at night. The possible reason here could be that during night time no one possibly disturbs the conscious mind and in my own SOUND OF SILENCE my sub-conscious thinks of new amazing wonders it could possibly do.                                                                             Its quite obvious that at night the whole world seems as if its your personal piece of rock in the whole of universe. And to some extent it seems quite reasonable since there is no bona fide  whining of the materialistic world around you. All left is you, your subconscious and the time. One could actually build its own empire of imagination. During days the creative mind or the subconscious mind fetters in the rush and noise of whining lives around which hampers its capabilities.

No evidence I have, but if there would be any research conducted, it would probably prove that the mind that stays up at night and thinks is bound to be more creative than average.



The power of your subconscious mind

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